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Simin Liang RTT therapist Chinese and English Speaking


Hi! I am Simin Liang, an accomplished subconscious rewiring therapist and positive psychology coach located in the bustling city of Bologna, Italy. I am delighted to offer my services both online and in person, providing sessions in English, Chinese Mandarin, and Cantonese. With my extensive experience and expertise, I am here to guide you on your transformative journey towards conquering the fear of rejection and criticism, unlocking your full potential, and thriving in the life you have always envisioned. 


Throughout my life, I have traversed various challenging paths, navigating high-stress work environments, shouldering the responsibilities of motherhood, and adapting to a new life as an expatriate in Europe. It is through these personal experiences that I have gained profound insights into the boundless potential for change and growth that resides within each and every one of us. Driven by my own remarkable journey, I made the pivotal decision to redirect my career towards Rapid Transformation Therapy, an immensely powerful and highly effective therapeutic approach. 


Using this groundbreaking method, I specialize in assisting individuals in overcoming a wide range of life difficulties, such as anxiety, depression, life purpose exploration, and self-esteem enhancement, among others. Rapid Transformation Therapy empowers individuals to tap into their inner strength, facilitating profound positive changes that resonate throughout their lives. Now, I am thrilled to introduce you to the BetaMind™ program, an innovative fusion of positivity coaching, the RTT method, and cutting-edge neuroscience and psychology. 


BetaMind™ represents the Mind of Generation Beta – a generation constantly up-to-date, always striving to be ahead of the curve. This program is not just a mere offering; it is your gateway to a radical personal transformation. By embarking on this transformative journey with me, you will unlock your true potential and experience lasting positive change. 


Dedicated to your growth and success, I am committed to being your guiding light throughout this journey. I invite you to book a call today, so that together, we can embark on this remarkable path of self-discovery and transformation. 


Prepare yourself for a journey like no other. Are you ready to embrace your limitless potential and manifest your dreams? The time is now. Let us walk hand in hand towards a future brimming with endless possibilities. 

You can Find me in the RTT professional Lists: Simin Liang


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