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BetaMind™ Journey

Program name: "BetaMind™ Journey"

Duration: Between 1 month to 24 months ( Depend on the case)


Our "BetaMind™ Journey" program is ideal for individuals dealing with complex issues that require a certain timeframe for lasting results. This program combines Rapid Transformational Therapy (RTT) sessions with Positive Psychology Coaching , ongoing support and resources.

1. Profound RTT Session:

  • 30 mins In-depth analysis of underlying factors contributing to your challenges.

  • 90 mins and more for the profound RTT session, targeting immediate transformation.

2. 21-Day Self-Help Recording:

  • Customized Transformational meditation audio provided for daily listening.

  • Reinforces the work done in the profound RTT session.

3. Positive Psychology Coaching:

  • Designed to help you switch to a positive mood and stay focused on expanding and enhancing positivity.

  • Our coaching sessions come with a practical workbook that is tailored to help you transform your life and elevate your mindset. 

4. Weekly Follow-Up and Support Calls (optional):

  • Weekly check-ins to monitor progress and provide guidance by email.

  • 15 mins Ongoing support call if necessary and encouragement throughout the journey.

5. Access to Well-being Materials:

  • Access to a library of well-being materials, including audios and resources.

  • Additional tools to enhance self-esteem, confidence, and emotional well-being.

6. Final Transformation Assessment:

  • Comprehensive evaluation of the transformation achieved.

  • Transition plan for maintaining your newfound well-being and success.

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